• Air Loop & H2S Safety

As part of its commitment to support the petroleum industry through different perspectives, Al Masaood Oil & Gas engaged to move towards addressing health and safety requirements as a key matter in operations. An Air Loop & H2S Safety business unit was then established.

Since its inception in 1999, the business unit has been growing rapidly due to the high concern of H2S safety precaution in the industry, becoming part of the main distinguishing expertise of the company in the UAE. The Air Loop & H2S Safety business unit provides specialized products, services and after-sales services for both onshore and offshore drilling, production and work-over rigs and barges.

Our Service center is ready to prepare and assemble air loop packages to be shipped to client location.


Our Air Loop & H2S Safety engineers and consultants are experts in their field. They are available to train and assist you while implementing the most cost-effective solution. Our service center is manned by trained technicians ready to prepare and assemble new Air loop packages to be shipped to the client location on time. Within the same, the business unit is able to provide storage, preventive maintenance and repair of standby packages. As an added service, we also carry an extensive range of spare parts to provide full back up for our service contracts and other sales support. The Air Loop & H2S Safety business unit is a major distributor of the following products in the UAE:

  • Contained Breathing Air Packages
  • Breathing Air Trolleys and Trailers
  • Fixed Wireless, Stand Alone Gas Detection Systems
  • H2S / Breathing Apparatus (with maintenance and testing)
  • EEBD, SCBA, and SABA Breathing Apparatus
  • Personal Portable Gas Detectors (with calibration)
  • Radiation Monitors
  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 Mobiles, Laptops and Torches
  • Breathing Air Compressors (with maintenance)
  • Safe Heavens and Blast Resistant Shelters
  • Hydro Test Service of Breathing Air Cylinders

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